Welcome to the amazing world of Common Lisp, the programmable programming language.

This site is one among many gateways to Common Lisp. Its goal is to provide the Common Lisp community with development resources and to work as a starting point for new programmers.


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Migration has come to a close. Nearly all services are up and running again, with the exception of Arch and ArchZoom, for which support has been dropped. Here's a list of other changes:

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What is Common Lisp?

Common Lisp is the modern, multi-paradigm, high-performance, compiled, ANSI-standardized, most prominent (along with Scheme) descendant of the long-running family of Lisp programming languages.

Common Lisp is known for being extremely flexible, having excellent support for object oriented programming, and fast prototyping capabilities. It also sports an extremely powerful macro system that allows you to tailor the language to your application, and a flexible run-time environment that allows modification and debugging of running applications (excellent for server-side development and long-running critical software).

Common Lisp is a multi-paradigm programming language that allows you to to choose the approach and paradigm according to your application domain.

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